A Novel Experience was created to be a unique place.

 We wanted a place where everyone can come and feel comfortable. Where  there's always a comfy chair and a cup of coffee, if you like.

 This is the place where you can find those books that are old friends. And, where you can discover new and used books that will transport you, challenge you, comfort you, or just simply make you laugh. Our book clubs always put out the welcome mat for new members. We'll give you store credit for your used books and we promise to find good homes for them. We can also order new titles for you.

 Our "store within a store" Epigraph offers a wonderful collection of greeting cards and unique gifts. Our gallery showcases a different artist every month, and our receptions are legendary. For writers and poets, we offer The Novel Poets and Writers Society.

 And, we love it when you bring your "company" in to meet us. It's great to meet your sisters, moms, and grandads. Your support means a lot to us. It means that we get to be a part of this wonderful community and to make a positive contribution. Thank You!

Audio Books: 

​Listen on your terms

We believe you should listen to audiobooks in a way that works for you. That’s why we offer monthly memberships, à la carte listening, and extra benefits.


Want to buy online? Please visit us at Bookshop to see what we recommend and to make your online purchase!

Used Book Prices

Small Paperbacks - $3

Large Paperbacks - $4

Hardcover Books - $5

Please come in today to order your books with 15% off!

Our Services

Book Trading Policy

  Our customer read great books! We wold love for you to trade in your gently used books for store credit. If we can use them, we will give you $1.00 in credit for hardcovers and $.25 for softcovers. We do not buy books outright, but if Georgia Power ever lets us pay for our electric bill in used books, we'll certainly reconsider the policy!

Here's how our program works:
 Bring in your used books any time we are open.
We'll make you a 3x5 card and record your credit on it.
Using your credit: You can used your credit to purchase used books--we will apply your credit to half of the purchase total. The other half must be in the form of cash, check, or charge/debit.

 Example: You purchase two used hardcover John Grishams for a total of $10.00. 

If you have enough credit, you can use it to cover half ($5.00). The balance of 

$5.00 plus tax, you pay by cash, check, or credit/debit card.