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About Us

Our Motto: "Leap, and the net shall appear!" -John Burroughs

A Novel Experience is a warm and inviting bookstore that you won't mind spending all afternoon in. With a dozen different genres and multiple large lounge chairs you'll be able to go on thousands of adventures all while being curled up by the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee.

Picking a Book

Our Services

Here at A Novel Experience we offer more than just a cozy place to read and buy a book. We offer AudiobooksOnline Shopping, Art, Trinkets, and more!

With the best prices and discounts we can offer!

Small Used Paperbacks: $3

Large Used Paperbacks: $4

Used Hardbacks: $5

And new books priced as shown!

We also offer a 15% off discount if you come in to the store to place your online order!

Staff Favorites

Overstory Richard Powers
Chris Curry
Leader of the Brown Bag, and Drop-in Guilt Free clubs
Karen Lacey
Leader of Spirituality, Classics, and Writing clubs
Susan Formby
Favorite book 2.jpeg
The Midnight Library Matt Haig
Emily Seckinger
Team Member and Social Media Manager
Leader of Novels at Night book club
Neca Holley
Team Member
the four winds.jpeg
Brenda Fayard
Team member
Coming Soon.png
Coming Soon.png
Coming Soon.png
Brenda Koplan
Team Member
Keela Wilkerson
Team Member
James Pharo 
Team Member
Leader of Science Fiction club
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