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Book Trading

How our program works:

1. Bring in your used books anytime we are open.

2. We'll make you a 3x5 card and record your credit on it.

3. Using your credit: You can use your credit to purchase Used books only-we will apply your credit to half of the purchase total. The other half of the must be the form of cash, check, or credit/debit.

Example: You purchase two used hardcover John Grishams for the total of $10.00. If you have enough credit, you can use it to cover half ($5.00). The balance of $5.00 plus tax, you pay cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Old Books

Before you load up those books please take the following into account


1. We do not give credit for kids books--we sell them for extremely low prices so we can encourage kids to read--if you would like to donate them, we will gratefully "recycle" them to new readers.

2. We do not take harlequin romances

3. We will decline books in bad shape and those that are mildewed, we also don't accept textbooks.

4. Hardcover books came with dust jacket must have the jacket in good condition.

5. Certain books become dated quickly--such as travel guides, guides for tests, software, hardware, and most business and political books. Unless published within the past year, we don't accept these.

6. We also don't accept Reader's Digest condensed books, magazines, or encyclopedias.

7. We do not purchase or handle valuable or rare books. We recommend that you do some detective work on to determine value for your treasured volume.

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