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April 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 25

Little girl with hands on a horses nose looking at each other

Join Us as we Celebrate the Sisters Photography Show With Sarah and Christina Neath this Saturday! April 16th 5-7 p.m. And, we honor Arbor Day with a drawing for a free tree (you can fit it in your front seat if you win it...).

Join us to honor Concord sisters Sarah and Christina Neath who have photographed their affinity for all things horsepower for well over 10 years. A small herd of family horses sparked interest in equine photography which led to traveling to Three Day Eventing shows throughout Georgia to photograph for fun. In 2015 they had the opportunity to photograph Autocross at the Summit Racing Motorama at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and were immediately hooked on the adrenaline-pumping fun of it. Since 2016 they have become official photographers of a performance suspension company to shoot summer events at their Pennsylvania track which hosts all types of autocross events. Enjoy the work from horses to race cars at their Reception this Saturday from 5-7! And, while you're here, enter to win a tree! It's Arbor Day month (that's on the last Saturday of April) and it's been celebrated by Americans since 1872. We're open 10 am - 7 pm Monday through Saturday! 426 Thomaston Street Zebulon, GA 30295 770-567-1103 New and Used Books Art Gallery Book Groups

The Novel Experience Team

Trees are the poems that the Earth writes upon. Khalil Gibran

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